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Much of what you’ve been told about overcoming binge eating and bulimia is wrong

…or at least is not the most effective approach.

Discover why our approach to overcoming binge eating and bulimia is making such a big impact with our clients. We focus on easy to follow, simple strategies that have been proven to work.

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The HealED Daily Checklist

Our simple, one page, easy to follow daily checklist to help you stay on track.


The HealED Food Journal

The HealED Food Journal. Listen to how your body responds after eating to you gauge what foods work best for you both physically and mentally.


The HealED Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet includes the main strategies from our best selling book “The Binge Code”.

HealED Override binge cravings audio

A powerful MP3 audio you can use whenever you experience any binge urges or cravings.

The HealED During a binge audio

Use this audio during a binge to help you get back in control.

The HealED Deep Trance Meditation for Binge Eating

A deeper, longer meditation audio designed to reprogram your old eating habits at a sub-conscious level. Sit back, relax and let yourself drift off.

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“I’ve never felt so calm and in control around food. I eat when I feel like it and until I am full. Some days it’s more and some it’s less. I really never believed that recovery is possible and I am still surprising myself every day with how much happier and healthy I feel. Thank you.” Carina

“In the last few months I feel like I have gained hours of my day and the freedom to just relax and be a fully participating member of my life again!! I had forgotten what it felt like”. Cassie