Failed Payment for HealED Coaching

If you have had a recently failed payment for HealED coaching, this information can help.

Why did my subscription payment fail?

Credit card payments can fail for a number of reasons.  These include:

  • The card has expired and is out of date
  • The card has been reported lost or stolen
  • Insufficient funds in the account
  • Bank withholds payments as a security measure
  • Sometimes payments just don’t work the first time

What should I do?

If you believe that your bank and card are fine, just hold tight. We will try again in a few days to renew your subscription. Hopefully, it will all work then.

You may want to check your bank balance to ensure that you have adequate funds.

If your card has expired, contact your bank to get a new card and send us the details. Email us at to let us know.

If you have tried all of the above and your payments are still not working. Please contact us on and we can work out a solution together.