Success Stories


Be inspired, motivated and encouraged by these stories of recovery from our past members.



Sara grew up as a normal happy kid. She had a normal family and a normal childhood. Everything was going fine until a comment from a friend about her weight led her to try out a diet. So began her downward spiral towards an eating disorder…

Length: 60 minutes

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Alison Lee

Alison Lee shares her personal struggle with bulimia and takes us on an incredibly honest and inspiring journey through the past 12 months of her recovery.

Length 60 minutes.

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Pat Mary

Pat Mary suffered with bulimia for 43 years. Pat shares what it was like to spend most of your life suffering with an ED and what recovery now feels like.

Length: 67 minutes

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Pauline shares her struggles and challenges with bulimia and how she managed a full recovery

Length: 1 hour 25 minutes

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Sophie talks about what it is like being 4 months into recovery.

Length: 40 minutes

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Jen Knaebel

Jen Knaebel (recovery coach at HealED) shares her inspirational recovery story.

Length: 63 minutes

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Amanda shares her recovery story, plus offers tips and insights on recovery.

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Length: 33 minutes



Cherie talks about her eating disorder and how she recovered.

Download or listen to Cherie’s Recovery Interview

Length: 27 minutes